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Not of religious order – of the beauty of ‘revealing’. And revealing beauty.

That last sentence could itself be read as ‘beauty reveals’, which it does. But what’s prompted this post is the excitement of mind and spirit when beauty is revealed as we who are fortunate can walk the South Coast headlands have it revealed to us.

Have a look at this:

We’re not seeing that lighted rock-face headland all at once. As we move along the bush track, dirt under feet, we are given glimpses. We are teased. We are compelled to look harder, longer. Our delight requited, then the tease and mystery begins all over again.

Nothing like that happens on the North Coast of NSW. Sphlllapp. There’s your headland. There’s the sea. All thwumped into the eye, all in one go.

To be enticed. To be enchanted.

The South Coast for me. For grateful, aged eyes. For the brevity of time remaining.

To be thrilled every second. Thank you, indeed.