Terms and Conditions

art-techniques.studio is a website created to sell artworks directly from the studio to the customer without incurring the added cost to the artwork of agents’ and gallery fees.

Orders are placed through the trusted Woocommerce shopping platform and transactions can be made through trusted and secure PayPal or Woocommerce options as the customer chooses.

Prices are shown with the product description and in the checkout option which includes the direct-purchase discount.

art-techniques.studio warrants the artworks are authentic and uniquely created.

art-techniques.studio and its owner the artist retains copyright in artworks sold.

The customer can purchase copyright from the artist separately upon request.

Shipping information is included in the product description. Large artworks may require a crate, in which case shipping information provided in the description may be deemed invalid and the artist will contact the customer to determine how the artwork is to be packaged and delivered.

Purchase of an artwork infers acceptance of the website’s terms and conditions and refund and replacement policy.

Returns are not accepted. Customers are notified in the description to request various photographs and to view the artwork on various screens prior to purchase. Purchasing an artwork infers the customer is satisfied the artwork is as expected.

Insurances for artwork in transit are the customer’s responsibility and will be included in the purchase at the customer’s request and cost.

art-techniques.studio and the artist are not responsible for damages in transit. Please ensure you have insured the artwork prior to purchase.

art-techniques.studio warrants artworks will be packaged securely and safely for transit.

Any complaints will be dealt with by the artist in a manner towards a satisfactory result according to the website terms and conditions and refund policy.

art-techniques.studio and the artist retain the right to cancel an order and issue a refund at any time for any reason.

Governing Laws are all relevant laws of NSW Australia.