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Who’da thought?

FM Radio – the term you may have found on your mobile phone – when it came along was the innovation that turned the world on its head. Crisp, clear sound. Never heard of it, or heard it, before.

Then, imagine. That sound became portable. There it was: an alternative setting on our clunking radio sets (often bought from Radio Shack.)

Lovely crisp, clear sound was my accompaniment when I started painting. FM Radio made it possible. My early works filled with the energies of the cassette tape, too, as symphonies went through the back of my head. All day, and best at midnight.

Along came the fax machine, and we tried for a while to send cheques through the line to get our supplies, ever in a rush.

So here I am, building a website on this thing called the internet, all technologies blazing. Videos in the wings, profound technologies the means. Digital, it is. The world of digital.

Which is why I’ll be adding posts of nature, on her own or captured in paint, the story of the place. It’ll be digital, and you can make real of it as you like.