About the techniques

Techniques in oil painting are the equivalent of notes and chords in music. These are the physical means by which art is created.

Most painters living today use only three techniques. Imagine a musician having only three notes to use when they create their music! It is extremely limiting. And the understanding of techniques is very poor – techniques are taught poorly and not all of them are known let alone used. There are many reasons for this, one of which is that people these days wish for quick results, and dealers and galleries are content to sell paintings that have been created in minutes.

There are twelve techniques. Artists such as JMW Turner used all twelve. There is simply no way to create certain effects unless the techniques are known. Artistic features such as mood, atmosphere image complexity and movement require this knowledge.

Robert uses all twelve techniques in creating his works. If you would like to learn to paint using advanced techniques (all twelve and their advanced combinations) Robert has produced two premium quality online art courses that turn the beginner or practicing artist into an artist of excellence.

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