Beach Wave

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The whole point about creating a seascape is not to freeze a moment in time – it’s to capture movement.  If successful, the artwork is alive, the moment full of vitality and spirit. If you dare look away, the wave may have crashed and washed up the shore.

This painting successfully captures the movement of a restless and energized sea.

Yet you could walk along the beach, at a safe distance, and wait for the next swell to drag its feet on the sand, rise, and curl.

Taking over a year to complete (including drying time) this work of art is a stunning addition to a room, or a collection.




600 x 400mm

Oil on canvas board.  Unframed.

600 x 400mm paintings can be shipped by Australia Post. These are wrapped in greaseproof paper, then bubble wrap and transit paper. Shipping is provided free if you choose this option.

An alternative freight carrier can be arranged if preferred. More extensive crating can also be provided. Please note extra costs may be involved.

Please note these paintings can vary in size by three or four millimetres.

Naturally, colours vary according to the viewing screen.  Returns are not accepted, so if you require more photographs please enquire before purchasing.

Orders shipped within 48 hours, though most are shipped the same day or next.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 69 × 1 × 40 cm